John B. Gordon Elementary School

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Brief History:

Opened in 1909, John B. Gordon elementary (Civil War namesake), once located in the heart of East Atlanta, once housed  25 classrooms and a gymnasium. John B. Gordon elementary went from a bustling school in the 1950’s to an abandoned shell of its former self almost 100 years after its opening.

With integration in the 60’s occurring, John B. Gordan elementary school began to decline. Additionally, as the city of Atlanta’s population grew and newer schools were constructed to accommodate the growth in the city’s population, John B. Gordon elementary steadily decline.

John B. Gordon officially closed in 1995 and remained abandoned until it’s demolishment in 2015. Though the physical building no longer exists, bricks from the original building were repurposed into the luxury apartments that are now housed on the former site of John B. Gordon Elementary School.

John B. Gordan Elementary School 1936

John B. Gordon Elementary students in 1936 dressed in international traditional attire.

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