Upton Hotel Update – Not a Hotel Afterall?

Photo Taken March 11, 2017

In a previous post from March of 2017, I began researching the large, ornate early 20th-century abandoned building on Forsyth Street. Listed as the Upton Hotel on the Atlanta Preservation Center’s website, it appears that the building was never a hotel, to begin with.  This would explain the near impossibility of locating any historical documents mentioning an “Upton Hotel,” it’s as if it vanished into thin air. Initially, construction was planned for a hotel in 1905 to take advantage of the newly constructed Terminus train station nearby.

Apparently, these plans never took place and the “hotel” became a rented space for various businesses over the years. Kudos to local historian Kyle Kessler for revealing the truth behind the “Upton Hotel.” Over the years, the building served anywhere from a 1930’s trunk repair shop, 1970’s pet shop, Dunbar & Sewell brokers firm in 1920, to a 1919 Jos Sykes Bros card clothing company.  Occupied by renters in the early 2000’s, the building was destroyed by a fire in 2002, leaving only a weakened shell.

Below you will find a series of photos detailing the many changes that occurred over the past 80+ years regarding the abandoned, burned shell of a building on Trinity Avenue, Atlanta, GA.

Abandonded downtown building 1899
1899 Sanborn Map of abandoned building on what is now called Trinity Avenue
Trinity Ave Building 1911
1911 Sanborn Map of  the building in question

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What caused the developers to change their minds concerning the initial plans for a hotel? Why did the building go through various vacancies and short-lived leased businesses in its 91 years of operation? Perpahs the location did not prove itself to be as fruitful as the developers had hoped.

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